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Permanent, acrylic based adhesive. Adhesive 62K is particularly suitable for cold storage applications. Initial tack is excellent, even at ambient temperatures and on critical surfaces such as PE or PP films. This adhesive may be re-emulsified in water or in the dish washer, i.e. labels can be easily removed in wet state. High - very high tack Freezer: This highly abrasive, permanent adhesive has been designed to give a permanent bond even with exposure to extreme cold. This product also comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of a five-year shelf life. Once this product has been applied it is extremely difficult to remove, it has very similar properties to permanent adhesive. Temperature tolerance for freezer adhesive is -30°C to 30°C. Suitable applications would include butchers, wholesale, dairy producers, fishmongers, catering, laboratories, chemical applications etc.



This material offers a matt finish to your labels. It is extremely absorbent and is therefore the material of choice for over-printing or hand written information.

Mid Gloss / Thermal transfer:

This material can be used alongside all ribbon application printers and provides a medium shine finish to your labels.

High Gloss:

This material provides a super shine finish to your label giving a high quality finish.

Direct Thermal:

This material is compatible with all direct thermal printers. Direct thermal printers are machines that use heat instead of ribbons.